Tuhisma 16th Annual Hopi Arts & Crafts Market

The Hopi Pu’tavi Project is pleased to announce that the Tuhisma 16th Annual Hopi Arts & Crafts Market returns for a two day market with the best in Hopi arts and crafts to the Hopi Veteran’s Memorial Center in Kykotsmovi, AZ.  The doors open to the public at 9 AM on Saturday, October 8th, until 5 PM, then again on Sunday from 9 AM to 3:00 PM.  Each year Tuhisma has visitors from Arizona, many other states and from foreign countries attend.The Hopi Veteran’s Memorial Center is located on Highway 264 between milepost 375 and milepost 376, between Kykotsmovi, AZ and the Hopi Cultural Center located on top of Second Mesa.


Tuhisma, featuring only the best, authentic art, cultural entertainment, food, and more, brings together some of the very best Hopi artisans there are to display and sell their beautiful works to the public.  Visitors to the Market will meet the artists who produce the works that they will see on display and Hopi artists are happy to explain their work to visitors.

There will be a juried competition on Friday, October 7th and a preview night of the winners of that competition on Friday evening from 6-8 PM at the Wellness Center Conference Room,  located next to the Hopi  Veteran’s Memorial Center.   The public is invited to attend this free event and meet winning artists and see their works.

Every year the sponsors of the Tuhisma Market chose a work of art to be the poster art for the show.  A painting by Davis Maho was chosen as the 2015 poster artist and is used as 2016 Market Advertisement.  This year's poster winner  will be sold at silent auction the first day of the market.

We have youth artist spaces available at $20.00 for both days for youth between the ages of 14 through 17 years of age.  People who want to be a food vendor can buy a space for $75.00 for both days.  You must have both a peddler’s permit and a food handler’s card from the Hopi Tribe.  There are still booth spaces available for artists. 

The Tuhisma Market is sponsored by the Hopi Pu’tavi Project, a local non-profit that has worked on youth, community and economic development projects.  It is estimated that in the previous 12 Tuhisma Markets about $1 million dollars in sales have been generated by Hopi artists and businesses.  The Hopi Pu’tavi Project believes that this market is important for the local community and invites community members to support it by having a booth, volunteering to help during the show, or simply attending the Market. 

The Pu’tavi Board is all-volunteer and the income is generated through admissions, raffle sales, sales of T-shirts and posters, and booth fees go back into the show and educational programs.  Education is important to this organization.  Pu’tavi has sponsored youth craft workshops in the past and plan to do more in the future.  They have also sponsored research looking at issues around Hopi traditional foods in conjunction with Hopi Health Services programs. 

For information about the Tuhisma Market please contact Pam at 928-205-8789, or Matt at 928-734-3708 ( day), 928-738-5352 (evening) or email: mateo@ag.arizona.edu.

Tuhisma Hopi Arts & Crafts Markets

The Hopi Pu'tavi Project, Inc. has been sponsoring the Tuhisma Hopi Arts and Crafts Market since 2002, when it took it over from the Hopi Credit Association. The annual arts show was established in order to provide to Hopi artisans a local venue for their arts and crafts. The show is held at the Hopi Veterans Memorial Center in Kykotsmovi every Columbus Day weekend in October. Participating are top Hopi artists whose reputations have helped the Tuhisma show grow tremendously. Renowned Hopi artists participate annually.

By coming to the Hopi Reservation to attend the Tuhisma Arts & Crafts Market, visitors have the opportunity to meet with Hopi artists in surroundings that significantly influence their creative process. Visitors will be able to appreciate the landscape that forms the creative process of Hopi artisans. Along with the art available for purchase, there will be food booths and a variety of entertainment for everyone to enjoy. Visitors can also take the opportunity to visit the sights on the Hopi reservation along with the various craft shops along the highway.

Many top Hopi artists have participated in the market over the last several years. These included noted carvers such as Neil David, Sr., Keith Torres, Jonathan Day, Sr., Manuel Chavarria, Richard Honyouti, Clark Tenakhongva, Philbert Honanie, and many others. Potters have included Nona Naha, Garrett Maho, and Tonita Nampeyo. Silversmiths include Roy Talahaftewa, Timothy Mowa, and Mitchell Sockyma, Sr. In Fine Arts, Evelyn Fredricks, Emmett Navakuku and Anthony Honahnie have also participated.

It is estimated that an average of over $150,000 in sales per year is generated for the artists participating, including money spent on the reservation at galleries, restaurants and hotels by the Tuhisma patrons. This income benefits the artists and the Hopi community in general and is very appreciated.