7 Things you should know about Aboriginal Art
Aboriginal Art

Legally defined as the people who are a member of the “aboriginal race of Australia”, this rich culture people lived isolated on Australian continent for 40000 years, till the first waves of colonies arrived on the 18th century, mainly from England, even though their first contact with the white men dates from 1606, when a […]

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The Amazing Story of Aboriginal Art   

Aboriginal art is one of the oldest expressions of art in the world. The aborigines had used soil and rocks to make these ground designs, carvings, and paintings. The artwork done by the aborigines includes wood carving, paintings on leaves, sculpting, rock carving, ceremonial clothing and sand painting. Their art is very closely linked to […]

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Five most Expensive Aboriginal Artworks Ever Sold
Aboriginal Artworks

The Australian Aboriginal art is sold all over the world, and most of the paintings are sold for high prices. The artwork includes wood carving, ceremonial clothing, rock carving, painting on leaves, sculpting, etc. The artwork mostly depicted their culture and beliefs. The following are the five most expensive aboriginal artworks ever sold: Spring Celebration […]

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