Australian aboriginal woven and carved handicrafts.

Aboriginal people are the first inhabitants of a place. They are mostly seen in Australia and some parts of Canada and North America. They have a unique culture and their ways of life are different than others who came afterward. They made their own house, clothes and other things that are necessary for life using the things available in nature. Aboriginal design and art are reflections of their lives.

The aboriginal home décor is an inspiration for many interior designers today. Their design elements are unique and say about the people and their culture. If you want to make your house look unique and a bit traditional, then you can incorporate aboriginal design elements in it. Here are some design elements of aboriginal home décor that you should know about.

Aboriginal design elements for the home. Charming, rustic and striking!
Aboriginal design elements for the home. Charming, rustic and striking!



The aboriginal home designs varied from one place to another. In Southeastern Australia, the houses were made of stone. In other regions, whale bones, muds, etc. were used. But one common feature of these houses was that these were dome or hut-shaped. So, your house should have a dome-shaped or hat-shaped roof. You can also use stones as construction material.

Crane furniture

Crane was a common construction material in aboriginal houses. So, you can have furniture made from cranes to reflect those traditions. Crane furniture is durable and reflects tradition. You can have your bed, chair, sofa, etc. made up of cranes.


Floor mats or rugs

You can place floor mats with aboriginal designs. You can buy these from local aboriginal stores in Australia. The designs will showcase their culture and heritage. The mats can be both beautiful and educational. You can buy these mats made from recycled materials as well. You can also have rugs made with aboriginal patterns.

Kurkara Collezione from / Image Source:
Australian aboriginal design rug (Kurkara Collezione from Image Source:



You must have an aboriginal art inside on your wall. There is nothing more classic than this. The painting can reflect people’s lives during the old time. It can actually tell a story. You can buy a painting from the local painters or find them online.

Painting of Uluru by Aboriginal Artist Danny Eastwood. Image courtesy of Karlangu Aboriginal Art Centre. SOURCE:
Painting of Uluru by Aboriginal Artist Danny Eastwood. SOURCE:


You should have curtains with classic aboriginal prints or floral prints. The curtains must be full length. If you have high ceilings then these curtains will look better. The curtains will have prints of aboriginal flowers, animals or other patterns.

Striking Aboriginal design curtain.
Striking Aboriginal design curtain.


You have antique decoration pieces inspired by aboriginal art and culture. You should fill up your home with these decoration pieces. You can have hanging pieces like clock, plates, wall mats, etc.

Antique Artwork. Source:
Antique Artwork. Source:

Hand-painted vase

You can decorate your living room or bedroom with aboriginal hand painted vase. There can be a painting of Australian animals like a kangaroo or any aboriginal patterns.

Aboriginal design of a Platypus on a red vase.
Aboriginal design of a Platypus on a red vase.


You can have lamps with lampshades made from materials found in the Australian jungle or other aboriginal places. Some aboriginal stores make lampshades out of Pandanus leaves found in Elcho Island. The local craftspeople weave these leaves together and use plant-based dyes to produce different colors. These lamps will bring that aboriginal touch to your home décor.

Rustic and beautiful Aboriginal lampshade designs by Koskela Lighting. Photo Credits: Anson Smart / Source:
Rustic and beautiful Aboriginal lampshade designs by Koskela Lighting. Photo Credits: Anson Smart / Source:

Framed pictures

Family bonding is very important for the aboriginal people. You must have pictures of your family members framed on the wall. This will reflect your memories of a good time.

Aboriginal Design Picture Frame.
Aboriginal Design Picture Frame. Source:


Wood carvings

You can keep decorative wood carvings in your home. It can represent Australian animals, people or any abstract image that depicts their lives. Wooden décor is also part of their tradition.

If you like aboriginal art and design then it’s a unique idea to decorate your home with these design elements that reflect aboriginal culture. Aboriginal artists are very talented and most of their art represents their animals, plants, people and ways of life. You will find aboriginal art in any item like decoration pieces, rugs, curtains, etc. It’s as if they are trying to tell their story to the world through these items. Nowadays there are many online stores that are selling aboriginal home decors. You will find many antique stores as well that sell these items. The best thing would be to visit Australia or other parts of the world where aboriginal people live and buy authentic products from their local stores. You will find different varieties there that you won’t find in the online stores. Make your home stand out from your neighbors by incorporating aboriginal design elements in your home décor.